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 Happy Holidays

Celebrate the holidays with these beautiful seasonal cards.


10 cards and envelopes




 Soaring Above Howe Sound, B.C.

Artist: J. Diane Styrmo CSPWC, TWS

Diane's artistic career spans almost fifty years from the time she graduated from Ontario College of Art and the Ontario Teachers College in the late 1950's. She has used many different  media including oil, acrylic, tempera including wood carving and print making. Water colour has been her favourite media and mainstay. In 1999, she was elected to the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC).

"Currently, Diane is a participant in the D.A.Y. Program of the Alzheimer Society of York Region at the Newmarket facility due to cognitive impairment that has also eroded much of her past artistic ability. It is her wish that her art may be enjoyed and bring pleasure to the lives of others and also help support the great work of the Alzheimer Society of York Region".

10 cards and envelopes






 Parenting your parents: support strategies for meeting the challenge of aging in the family

For the Family Caregiver:
For the family caregiver, we have "Parenting your parents", the touching and emotional experience of best selling author, Bart Mindszenthy, an only child who devoted upwards of 30 hours a week supporting the needs of his frail 98 year old father, who suffered from macular degeneration, and his 94 year old mother who lives with Alzheimer's disease. Mr. Mindszenthy also drew on his professional experience as a Crisis Consultant, observing that just as organizations manage their crises much better when they are prepared, "boomers" can best help themselves and their parents by planning, understanding the challenges and being prepared. Mr. Mindszenthy's presentation was expertly recorded on March 28, 2009 at AS York's 12th Annual Alzheimer's Awareness Breakfast held in Richmond Hill.







Through Our Eyes

by Susan Hart

Through Our Eyes is a 68 page, bound, soft cover book that will teach you, in layman’s terms, the progression of the disease and what to expect. The book fills an important gap in the current literature on Alzheimer's Disease because it is a work of fiction that directly teaches the tools of effective coping. The unique blend of fiction and reality, story telling and teaching, makes it highly recommended reading for anyone affected personally or involved professionally with persons having Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.





The Lady from the Centre

by Susan Hart

Alzheimer's Disease accounts for 70% of progressive dementia in adults. It is a chronic, progressive, neurologic disorder that transforms a person from someone you once knew, to someone who is a stranger.





The New Millennium

by Susan Hart

This is Susan Hart’s third book in a series discussing the process of Alzheimer's Disease and the related disorders and the affect on loved ones. The New Millennium reflects on the dilemmas encountered in the struggle to balance efficiency and fiscal responsibility with flexibility. In a time of great change and opportunity Susan stresses the value of specialized versus generic caregiving required by those with a dementing illness and their families.






by Susan Hart

Collections is Susan Hart’s fourth book in her series. Her other books include Through Our Eyes, The Lady from the Centre, and The New Millennium. Collections, is a powerful and riveting book that is the conduit for 16 different caregivers to tell their emotionally charged Alzheimer stories in their own words.





Finding Your Way

by Susan Hart

Finding Your Way by Susan Hart is dedicated to those caregivers who have shared their experiences and have given permission to publish them, all caregivers whom we have served in one capacity or another and all caregivers whom we will encounter in the future.

Finding Your Way provides information concerning the care of an individual with a progressive dementia, caregiving issues, diagnosis and treatment, current medications and to generate public awareness of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.






by Susan Hart

Together, Susan Hart’s 7th and final book, reflects on how we always work with the individual, the caregiver and the family at the D.A.Y. centre, with us hovering like helicopters, awaiting their expression of need and direction.

The book offers hope in that the information is helpful in making the journey caregivers undergo less onerous when they recognize that those who have gone before salute and support them along the way.



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